Through osmosis, genetics, or observation I seem to have come by wood sculpting naturally.  My grandfather worked in Myrtle Wood making furniture in his basement as I played in the saw dust on the floor beside him.  The satisfaction I get from carving is ineffable.

‚ÄčI use no electric tools to carve with.  I have carved and sculpted many pieces to date and thanks to the patience of my wife, I have improved in leaps and bounds.

My art has been called "Craft Art", "Folk Art", and even "Hobby Art".  When I asked galleries if they would display my art I was informed they only accept hanging art.  So I bought a 4 foot by 5 foot wood canvas painted branches and some autumn leaves on and used three of my walking sticks as part of the branches. I additionally painted other background scenes to display other carvings.


While carving at a local Starbucks a few years back, an Art Appraiser amazed by the intricate details in my work, approached me with many questions.  I later hired her and together we searched for others that do what I do: We found none.  She advised me to sell only at galleries and not "Sawdust Festivals".  So I have been building up inventory ever since.

My pieces command attention, I know this to be a fact since I test drive each mobile sculptures when I'm   walking about.


About Me

 My Brain on Wood.


This painting is for the sole purpose of displaying my carvings